Vol 8, No 1 (2014)

Studies in Literature and Language

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fi288

Studies in Literature and Language, Vol.8, No.1, February 28,  2014

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Table of Contents


The Entwined Effects of Attitude, Motivation and Gender on EFL Learning: A Correlation Study PDF
Hamad S. Aldosari 1-5
Emotional Intelligence and Language Competence: A Case Study of the English Language Learners at Taif University English Language Centre PDF
Muhammad Umar Farooq 6-19
Model of English Teaching for Future Employees in China’s Petroleum Production Industry PDF
Min Guo, Qun ZHONG 20-23
Systematic Teaching Design of Communicative Context in Business English Writing in Chinese Context PDF
Xiping LI 24-31
A Stealth Transmitter: How Does Ezra Pound Riddle the English Text? PDF
Guoxiang WU 32-38
Treatment of Cultural Differences in Translation PDF
Lihua YANG 39-42
“Deceptive Equivalence” in C-E Fictional Translation: A Literary Stylistic Approach PDF
Qiushi WANG 43-47
How Do People Process Ambiguous Strings PDF
Hsiu-Ying Liu, Cheng-Chung Kuo 48-56
A Critical Review of Ferdinand de Saussure’s Linguistic Theory PDF
Basel Al-Sheikh Hussein, Ibrahim Abushihab 57-61
Pronunciation of English Consonants and Vowels and Diphthongs of Mandarin-Chinese Speakers PDF
Enli LIANG 62-65
A Contrastive Analysis of Chinese College English Syllabus Word List with a General Service List of English Words and Academic Word List PDF
Yongxue TANG 66-70
On the Relationships Between Linguistics and Language Teaching PDF
Meihua WANG 71-75
Proportion of Using English in College Instructional Design in China PDF
Min GUO 76-79
A Discourse Study of the Iceberg Principle in A Farewell to Arms PDF
Daoshan MA, Shuo ZHANG 80-84
Developing and Piloting a Literature Course Learnable Via Blackboard for EFL Literature Instruction PDF
Hamdy Al-Jabry, Mohammed M. Salahuddin, Abdul Latif Al-Shazly 85-95
Symbols and the Divided Self in Janus PDF
Xiaomi ZHANG 96-99
LÜ Benzhong’s A Book for Teaching Children Established the System of the Four Books PDF
Haibo WANG 100-105
Fragmentation, Dimness and Irregularity: On the Impressionistic Narrative in The Good Soldier PDF
Jiexiu LIU 106-109
Metaphors of Patriarchy in the Context of Intertextuality: Rereading To the Lighthouse PDF
Jingrui HUI 110-115
Evolution of Man’s Ecological Sense: An Ecocritical Reading of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner PDF
Fangpeng GAI 116-119
Impact of English Learning on National Identification of Mongolian English Majors’ in Universities for Nationalities: A Case Study of Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities PDF
Ji'nan JIA 120-125
Cultural Awareness of English Words: A Case Study of EFL Learners in China PDF
Pu ZHAO 126-129

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