Vol 8, No 3 (2014)

Studies in Literature and Language

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fi303

Studies in Literature and Language, Vol.8, No.3, June 30,  2014

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Table of Contents


Anna Karenina: One Story, Two Storylines, and the Importance of Oblonsky PDF
Jeff L. Perron 1-4
Exploring Language Teachers’ Evolving Conceptualizations of Language Variation PDF
Larry L. LaFond, Seran Dogancay-Aktuna 5-14
Analysis of Perceived Difficulty Rank of English Skills of College Students in China PDF
Shiyong PENG 15-21
A Review of Cognitive Model: Experiments of Scalar Implicature PDF
Si LIU, Huangmei LIU 22-28
Research on the Chinese College English Teaching Mode Inspired By Broaden-and Build Theory PDF
Jiexiu LIU 29-32
Politeness in Restaurants of Different Grades PDF
Xiamei PENG 33-39
The Repression of Patriarchy and Imperialism in Barbara Kingslover’s The Poisonwood Bible PDF
Halla A. Shureteh, Raja Al-Khalili 40-46
Research on Metaphorical Approach in Economic Vocabulary Teaching PDF
Youwen YANG 47-52
The Subversion of Enlightenment Rationality: On Two Vision-Blocking Metaphors in J. M. Coetzee’s Waiting for the Barbarians PDF
Wenquan WU 53-62
Problems of the Current Rural Public Culture Construction in China and Corresponding Countermeasures PDF
Xue ZHANG, Xia CHENG 63-66
A Case Study of ESP Practice: Towards Better Tutoring of College Student Graduation Thesis Abstract and Introduction Writing PDF
Zhangya YU 67-74
A Comparative Study of the Jerome Model and the Horace Model PDF
Chang ZHENG 75-78
Causes of Private Tutoring in English: Perspectives of Saudi Secondary School Students and Their Parents PDF
Ghazi N. Alotaibi 79-83
The Six Principles of Chinese Writing and Its Application to Design As Design Idea PDF
Zhen ZHOU 84-88
Fuzzy Language Translation in the Character Portrayal: With Special Reference to Yang Bi’s Translation of Vanity Fair PDF
Yunli ZHAO 89-92
The Description of Death in Sutong’s Novel PDF
Minyan LI 93-98
Inextricable Hallmarks of the Era:The Breakthrough and Predicament of Liang Xiaosheng’s Writing PDF
Jieyu Lü 99-105
An Explanation on Blanche’s Tragedy in A Streetcar Named Desire PDF
Qiang ZHANG 106-110
Study on the Effective Ways to Organize Business English Classes PDF
Juan LI 111-115
Representation of Trauma in The Emperor Jones PDF
Wenqian ZHANG 116-121
BNC-Based Design of College English Vocabulary Teaching for Chinese College Students PDF
Yanjuan HUO 122-125