Vol 10, No 3 (2014)

Canadian Social Science

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fi295

Canadian Social Science, Vol.10, No.3, June 30, 2014

Table of Contents


The Level of Job Satisfaction Among the Faculty Members of Colleges of Education at Jordanian Universities PDF
Omar Tayseer Bataineh 1-8
The Translation Techniques of Chinese Union Version --From the Perspective of Skopos Theory PDF
Yushan ZHAO, Yanwen JIANG 9-13
Researches on China Preschool Education Teachers’ Participatory Training Mode PDF
Yunyan LIU, Shaoren CHENG, Chenchen YANG 14-20
Research on the Endogenous Problems of Rural Farmers’ Spiritual and Cultural Education PDF
Yanlong ZHAO, Yibing LIU 21-28
Amlon Dilemma: Another Hilmarton Nightmare in International Commercial Arbitration PDF
Xianming SHI 29-36
Real-Time Information and Managing Infrastructure in Humanitarian Logistics Operation: An Exploratory Study PDF
Lee Ker Qing, Dazmin Daud 37-42
Ethno - Historical Analysis of the Effects of Migration on African Family System PDF
Takim Asu ojua, Tiku Takim Oru, Chimezie Atama 43-49
Conflict and Explanation About the Use of Negotiable Instrument Law of China for the Documentary Letter of Credit Draft PDF
Linlin LIU, Yanying FEI 50-57
Metaphor and Metonymy of Colors in Lawrence’s Fictional Works PDF
Xuan LUO 58-63
Multi-Plant Production and Transportation Planning Based on Data Envelopment Analysis PDF
Fang LIU, Gongbing BI, Jingjing DING, Liang Liang 64-74
Association Rules in Data Mining: An Application on a Clothing and Accessory Specialty Store PDF
Mutlu Yüksel Avcilar, Emre Yakut 75-83
Structuration or Individualization: Changes in the Social Stratificationin in Urban China From 1988 to 2009 PDF
Fengming MA 84-91
Study on Gender Differences in Language Under the Sociolinguistics PDF
Jinyu DONG 92-96
Analysis of NYOP Business Model: Take Pricelinefor Example PDF
Luhan LI 97-102
School of Marxism, Southwest University, Chongqing, China. PDF
Na CHEN 103-107
The Rationale for an African Epistemology: A Critical Examination of the Igbo Views on Knowledge, Belief, and Justification PDF
Amaechi Udefi 108-117
Study on Reform & Development Countermeasures of Fine Arts Education in Higher Normal Colleges Under Background of Quality-Oriented Education PDF
Jing XIAO 118-122
Opportunities and Challenges: The Spread of Marxism in Contemporary China PDF
Lingling HE 123-129
A Survey of Studies of Bridging Anaphora PDF
Wei Zhao 130-139
Electoral Violence and the Survival of Democracy in Nigeria’sFourth Republic: A Historical Perspective PDF
Adesola Samson Adesote, John O. Abimbola 140-148
Traditional Carving Art and Modern Advertising Design PDF
Jianwen LI, Ying LI 149-152