Vol 5, No 4 (2014)

Studies in Sociology of Science

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fi319

Studies in Sociology of Science, Vol.5, No.4, November 30, 2014

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Table of Contents


Wittgenstein’s Philosophy and Austrian Economics PDF
Richard McDonough 1-11
The Sociological Cost of Democracy: A Comparative Study of Arab Women’s Rights Using Iraqi Women Pre- and Post-2003 as an Illustrative Example PDF
Mohammad Husni Abumelhim 12-16
A Review of Japanese Government Response to the Public Crises of Earthquakes PDF
Hang SONG 17-21
Markov Switching Model With Bounce-Back Effect: An Application to Chinese Business Cycle PDF
Xiaobin TANG, Li DONG, Ying DONG 22-25
Official Residence System in USA and Its Influences on China PDF
Feifei YI, Qunsheng KE 26-32
The Experimental Analysis of How the Consumer Value Formed PDF
Biao LUO, Ying HUANG 33-37
What Kinds of the Researchers of Teacher? PDF
Xiujun OUYANG 38-41
Characteristics and Inspiration About Critical Thinking Teaching in North America PDF
Juncheng YU 42-46
Sociological Reflection on Cause of Multipartite Mediation Mechanism PDF
Yunfei GAO 47-51
Sense of Social Responsibility: The Connotation and the Denotation PDF
Kangni WU, Lianyun YI 52-58
Study on the Psychological Problems of Left-Behind Children in Rural Areas and Countermeasures PDF
Guanchen SHEN, Shijie SHEN 59-63
Kant's Thoughts on Morality and Happiness PDF
Niansi YANG 64-67
John Dewey’s Reinterpretation of the Concept of Existence PDF
Dongya CHENG 68-71
A Construction of Butterfly Pedigree of Sports Law PDF
Fajin FENG, Enlun CHEN 72-76
A Quantitative Study on Tao Te Ching Based on a Comparable Corpus PDF
Jifeng CAO 77-80
The Legendary Life of Chopin, the Revolutionary Musician in Poland: On the Film A Song to Remember PDF
Mingchun LI 81-84
Variations of “Large Class Size” in Chinese Elementary Schools and Analysis of Policy Factors PDF
Xingping ZHOU, Yan HU, Xuan HE 85-90
Related Research of Femininity, Aesthetic Values and Clothing Education Psychology: A Case Study of Chongqing Females PDF
Xueyin LI 91-96
A Research on Fairness of Teacher-Student Contacts in College Sports Classes PDF
Bingwei ZHANG 97-101
A Study on Forming a Construction Land Market That Unifies Urban and Rural Areas During the Process of the New-Type Urbanization in China PDF
Jingyi WANG, Heping LIAO, Lin ZHU, Tao LI 102-105
On the Development of School-Based Curriculum for Symbiosis Education in Ethnic Regions PDF
Dazhong ZHOU 106-110
Current Situation of and Countermeasures for the Development of Rural Informatization in China PDF
Qingyan NIU 111-115
Problems Existing in Supervision on Administrative Enforcement of Law and Countermeasur PDF
Lingzhu ZHANG 116-120
Design of Decorative Fabrics in the Living Space of the Elderly PDF
Ling ZHENG, Ke JIN 121-124
Policy Changes and Reason Analysis of Bureaucratization of Native Officers in Guizhou in Qing Dynasty PDF
Mengmei JIANG, Chengbin LUAN 125-133
The Exploration of Philosophy Teaching Organization Form at Oxford University PDF
Shuyun LUO, Zhimin TAN 134-139
A Brief Analysis of China’s Contemporary Swordsmen Film PDF
Taoran ZHU, Fan LIU 140-143
Exploitation of Contemporary Religious Revivals a Few Doubts About the Explanations Provided by Scholars PDF
Lei Ma, Yuhui YANG 144-148
Problems and Suggestions of Peasants’ Property Income in Jilin Province PDF
Lanqi SONG, Ziyi LI 149-153
The Cultural Contemplation of Inquiry Teaching in China PDF
Wei Xü, Xuefu Xü 154-159
An Overview of Research on Adolescents’ Self-Worth PDF
Dan LI 160-164
China Mode of Preferential Development of Education in Ethnic Areas: Comparison and Selection PDF
Xiang LI, Xuefang HU 165-169
Problems and Breakthroughs of Curriculum Reform in China PDF
Jiuzhou ZHANG, Wei FAN 170-173
To What Extent The Disastrous Consequences of the Great Leap Forward Movement Were the Responsibility of Chairman Mao? PDF
Zihao CHENG 174-178


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