Vol 5, No 3 (2014)

Studies in Sociology of Science

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fi315

Studies in Sociology of Science, Vol.5, No.3, August 31, 2014

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Table of Contents


Valley Girl Interrupted: Meth, Race, and the Ku Klux Klan PDF
Dianne Dentice 1-4
The Oil and Natural Gas Exploitation in Petrol Field of Urucu and Their Impacts on the Traditional Peoples of Amazon PDF
Iraildes Caldas Torres, Celso Augusto Tôrres do Nascimento, Diogo Gonzaga Torres Neto 5-12
Several Thoughts on Promoting the Modernization of National Governance Capacity PDF
Yue CHEN, Yan QIN 13-21
The New Route for Integration Between Scientific Spirits and Humanistic Spirit: With the Angle Of Jobs PDF
Xingying YANG, Daojin SUN 22-25
“Surfing Alone”: The Relationships among Internet Communities, Public Opinion, Anomie, and Civic Participation PDF
Frank Louis Rusciano 26-33
Adjustment Strategy of Compulsory Education School Layout in Tibet: Taking Changdu Area as an Example PDF
Qiuxia WU, Ou PENG 34-39
How the Physical World Impacts Different Objects PDF
Vladimir N Romanenko, Galina Nikitina 40-43
The Humanitarian Spirit of Marxist Environmental Philosophy PDF
Caixia AN, Daojin SUN 44-48
Sensual Taste—Color Associations and Their Link to Temperament PDF
Ksenia Szott, Marzena Krzywda, Jacek Strojny, Piotr Tomasik 49-55
Food Safety Research During the Trial Implementation of Food Hygiene Law: Based on Analyzing of China Food News PDF
Aihui TANG, Kaiwen FENG 56-60
Research on Utilization of Online Resources Among Kindergarten Teachers in Rural Areas PDF
Xiaoguang YU 61-65
An Empirical Analysis on the Relationship Among Fiscal Expansion, Credit, and the New Urbanization PDF
Hanjie WANG, Zhizhang WANG 66-70
A Study of Education Poverty Reduction Mode Under Inclusive Development Strategy in Wuling Mountain Area PDF
Tingting JIAO, Zhizhang WANG 71-78
City Culture Capital and City Image: Study on the Spring Culture Capital and the Construction of Jinan City Image PDF
Juan LI, Xingxing YU, Fang SONG 79-82
Examining the Trends of Islamophobia: Western Public Attitudes Since 9/11 PDF
Basem Al Atom 83-88
Evolution Logic and Revelations of the Financial Policy of Chinese Compulsory Education Since the Reform and Opening Up PDF
Yong WEI, Xia CHENG 89-94
The Manifestations and Symptoms of Ecofeminism PDF
Ling CHEN 95-100
Study on Human Rights in Charity Activities PDF
Sulu WU 101-104
Analysis of the Application of Traditional “Feng Shui” Theory in Modern Home Space PDF
Hongmei LI 105-109
The Lost Alone Family Pension Dilemma and Legal Perfection PDF
Jichang ZHANG 110-113
Exploration of Teaching Modes of Laws in Modern Distance Education: Taking the Integrated Utilization of Online Teaching Resources as the Background PDF
xiangrong FANG, Daojin SUN 114-117
A Cognitive Analysis of Crime: Taking Bo Xilai’s Bribery Crime as an Example PDF
Chenquan ZHANG 118-123
The Research of Urbanization, Industrialization and Agricultural Modernization’s Effect on Food Security PDF
Jie LI, Hui ZENG 124-127
Reform and Challenges in China’s Labor Market PDF
Yuan LIN, Shaobo WANG 128-132
The Analysis of Innovation Policies for New Energy Vehicle Technology PDF
Linzhou GU, Yunfei SHAO 133-137
The Establishment and Effectiveness of Incentive Mechanism for Teaching Faculty Management in Universities PDF
Jing MU, Li LIU 138-142
Research on Problems and Solutions of Quality-Oriented Education in China’s Rural Primary and Secondary Schools PDF
Yilin HUANG, Fan HE 143-147
On the Basic Characteristics of the New Age Migrant Workers in Beijing: Take Dongying City, Shandong Province as Reference PDF
Yun LEI, Huan YANG 148-152
The Application of Confucian Enlightenment and Education in Humanistic Education of Chinese Teenagers PDF
Xiangqun XU 153-157
Study on the Performance Evaluation of Tertiary Industry in China PDF
Chengju LI 158-161
Accommodating Emotionally HIV/AIDS Children in the Classroom PDF
Maphetla Magdeline Machaba 162-168
Is the Digital Revolution Driven by an Ideology? PDF
Chet Bowers 169-178


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