Training of Vocational Core Competencies of College Students Under the Guidance of Socialist Core Values

Jun LI


We must use the socialist core values as the guiding direction when training college students’ vocational ability so that students can clearly understand their development direction after employment and their responsibilities in the vocational development. This is also the requirements of college students’ vocational qualities in the new social development. Only in this way can students integrate into society after leaving colleges, show their talents and make contributions to the society. The core competencies consist of the basic vocational quality and the social spirits such as social responsibility, professional dedication, integrity, friendliness and selfless dedication. Thus, it can be seen that it is required to train the basic vocational quality, moral character and comprehensive quality in the competency training. Next, these aspects will be analyzed below, in the hope of giving some references for personnel concerned.
With the social progress and continuous enterprise development, there are great changes in the talent demand in the new era. Not only the comprehensive technical talents and those with rather high comprehensive qualities are needed. In order to meet the society and relevant enterprises’ requirements for college students, colleges must combine the requirements concerning comprehensive qualities in training college students, formulate a reasonable curriculum system and directionally train high-quality talents. This will be analyzed below. College students’ vocational core competencies can be improved through three ways so as to lay a foundation for their future vocational development.


Socialism; Core values; Core competence cultivation

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