Dr. Noon Loves His Wife More Than Mussadiq: A Rememory of Politics and Paternity in Iran in the 1960s

Zakarya Bezdoode, Cyrus Amiri


In this article we analyze how Shahraam Rahimian rewrites the history of Iran’s 1953 coup in his novel, Dr. Noon Loves His Wife More than Mussadiq, as a distressing and dreadful historical event for the intellectuals of the country. Basing the argument on Katouzian’s theory of history in Iran and using Lacan’s theory of individuation, we want to read the novel as an attempt to introduce Iran during the 1960s coup as an individual who experiences the bitter and cruel growth from the imaginary to the symbolic.


953 coup; Shahram Rahimian; Lacan; Katouzian; Iranian historical novel

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968/8092


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