Vol 10, No 2 (2014)

Canadian Social Science

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fi282

Canadian Social Science, Vol.10, No.2, April 30, 2014

Table of Contents


The Constitutional Monarchy and Modernization: Kang Youwei’s Perspectives on “Keeping the Emperor and the Royal System in China” PDF
Fangkui Dong 1-8
Mapping Food Desert Persistency in Thunder Bay, Ontario, 1996-2006 PDF
Bradley A. Wilson, Sarah McKenzie 9-18
Analysis on the Path of Social Service of Humanities and Social Science: A Study of Sun Yat-Sen University PDF
Zhizhang WANG, Yangwu LIN 19-23
Determinants of Corporate Risk Taking and Risk-Return Relationship PDF
Xiaodong LI, Fan YANG, Ruiwen ZHANG 24-32
The Impact of Form Failure in the Jordanian Civil Law PDF
Tayseer Assaf 33-36
Measuring the Capital Services of R&D in China PDF
Wei XI 37-43
The Manifestation of Sexual Repression, Gender in Popular Music: A Case Study on Katy Perry PDF
Fei Jia 44-49
Analysis of Tacit Knowledge and Its Dominant Path PDF
Lijuan ZENG, Xiaoying TANG 50-55
Preliminary Analysis of YANG Changji’s Thoughts on Ethics PDF
Hao ZONG, Rui YANG 56-61
Learning Styles as a Predictor of Meta-Cognition Among Undergraduate Students at Albalaq’a Applied University PDF
Orib A. Abou Amerrh 62-66
Regional Resilience Based on Natural Disasters PDF
Tianzhuo LIU, Huifang wu, Linyan CAO 67-71
The Study on Perfecting Index Systems of Building a Well-Off Society in an All-Round Way PDF
Jian LÜ, Yi LI 72-74
Rural Land Property Right System of China: Defects and Solutions PDF
Juan CHEN, Shaolei YANG 75-83
China Must Not Copy the Western-Style Two-Party or Multi-Party System PDF
Yonghong ZHANG 84-88
Hackman and Oldham Job Characteristics Model (JCM) and Akwa Ibom State Civil Servants’ Performance PDF
Isaac Ayanyinka Ayandele, Michael Pius Nnamseh 89-97
Islamic Development Bank’s Microfinance Support Programme and the Growth of Small Scale Enterprises in Nigeria PDF
Mubarak Ademola Noibi 98-107
Research on the Legal System of Payment for Ecosystem Services Under the Global Perspective PDF
Qi SUN 108-112
An Empirical Study on Impacts of Environmental Regulation on Environmental Information Disclosure of Listed Companies of China: Based on Researches on Listed Companies in Nonferrous Metal Industry PDF
Xiaobo WEI, Jue PENG 113-123
The Roles of Local Rules of Criminal Procedure in the Process of Rule by Law in China PDF
Changcheng LI 124-128
Financial Geography in Xikang Region During the Late Qing and the Republic of China Era PDF
Chengbin LUAN 129-137
The Reflection upon China’s Urbanization Mode Based on the Spatial Political Economy PDF
Yao LU, Ying ZHANG 138-143