Vol 9, No 3 (2013)

Canadian Social Science

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fi235

Canadian Social Science Vol.9, No. 3, June 30, 2013

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Table of Contents


The Analysis of Chinese Enterprises’ Upgrading From OEM to ODM: The Opportunity Windows and Paths PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Zhiying LIU, Xiaofeng ZHENG 1-8
Problems and Countermeasures of Rare Earth Industry in China PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Shujing ZHANG 9-14
Intergovernmental Cooperation in Cheng-Yu Economic Zone: A Case Study on Chinese Regional Collaboration under Synergy Governance PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Ling ZHOU, Jiang WU 15-23
A Simulation Model of New Product Diffusion Based on Small World Network PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Chunxu WU, Yuying ZHANG 24-29
Correlation of Private and Public Interests in Land Law: Continuation of the Optimal Combination Search PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Alexey P. Anisimov, Anatoly Ya. Ryzhenkov 30-34
On the Inter-subjectivity in Translation: Viewed From “Distance” in Triangulation Model PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Yushan ZHAO, Hongjing ZHU 35-41
Capacity Building and Employee Performance PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Emmanuel Erastus Yamoah, Philip Maiyo 42-45
Product Differentiation and Cartel Stability With Costs of Collusion PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Huishuang HE 46-50
Explanation of Integral Thinking From the Contemporary Perspective of System PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Jian WANG 51-56
Research on the Influence of Affective Factors to Ethnic Chinese Student’s Chinese Acquisition: Take the Ethnic Chinese Students in Fiji as an Example PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Wenjuan WANG 57-60
Nation, Nationalism in Controversial Debates and Thought: A Review of Origin of Nation and Nationalism PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Ata Anbarani 61-67
The Challenges of Mobility Within Owerri City, Nigeria PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Sabina Chiaka Osuji, Emmanuella Chinenye Onyenechere 68-73
Ethnic Challenges in Iran: A Case Study of Ardabil PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Mansour Salehi, Mohammad Bagher Sepehri 74-83
Contributions for a Community Good: Results from a Field Experiment in India PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Santanu Mitra, Gautam Gupta 84-89
External Environment Development of Teaching Staff Construction in Chinese Independent Colleges: Take Chongqing as an Example PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Xiaotian FANG, Deqing WANG 90-95
Terrorism and Counter Terrorism in Nigeria: Theoretical Paradigms and Lessons for Public Policy PDF PDF () Indexed/Included/Archived
Don John O. Omale 96-103
Language of Political Campaigns and Politics in Nigeria PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Remi R. Aduradola, Chris. C. Ojukwu 104-116
Assessment of Operational Efficiency Among Wholesalers and Retailers of Vegetables in Igalaland of Kogi State, Nigeria PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Elijah E. Ogbadu 117-121
Corporate Governance and Risk Management in Developing Market: A Logic Analysis and Proposal PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Xiaoyan WANG 122-124
Development of Social Life Circumstance of Urban Fringe Settlements in China Central Region PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Yun YE, Xingyu LIU 125-129
The Magic of Popular Songs: A Case Study of Music Mediated Early Language Development PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Kelu WANG 130-138