Vol 3, No 2 (2010)

Advances in Natural Science

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fi75

Advances in Natural Science, Vol.3, No.2, December 31th, 2010

Table of Contents


Enhancing Innovation Through Biologically Inspired Design PDF
Marc Weissburg, Craig Tovey Craig Tovey, Jeannette Yen 01-16
Simulation Study of Bionic Jetting Direction Influence on Drag Reduction Effect PDF
Gang ZHAO, Hua-lin ZHAO, Hai-sheng SHU, Dan ZHAO, Yun-qing GU, Dong-lai XIA 17-26
Evaluating Biological Systems for Their Potential in Engineering Design PDF
Yen Jeannette, Michael Helms, Swaroop Vattam, Ashok K. Goel 27-40
The Techniques of Reducing Adhesion and Scouring Soil by Bionic – Review of Literature PDF
Muhammad Azam Khan, Rashid Qaisrani, Jian-qiao LI 41-50
To Explore The Collective Animal Erratic Panic and Biomimetics PDF
C. S. CHEN, Si-lei CHU, KAO Fang-yu KAO Fang-yu, Yu-lin Hsu, Katherine Chen, Sheng-ying PAO 51-54
A Novel Method for 3D-Segmentation of Vascular Images PDF
Bing-yin REN, Yong-bo ZHANG, Daniel X.B. CHEN 55-61
Flame Propagation in Combustion Synthesis of Ni-Ti Structural Bioimplant Material PDF
Zhi-liang LI, Olusegun J. Ilegbusi 62-70
Cases Studies on Intellectual Property Issues for Bionics PDF
Mei-Hsin WANG 71-81
Network Study of Plant Leaf Topological Pattern and Mechanical Property and its Application PDF
LIU Wang-yu, Yong ZHANG 82-92
Soil Adhesion Preventing Mechanism of Bionic Bulldozing Plates and Mouldboard Ploughs PDF
Rashid Qaisrani, Jian-qiao LI, M. Azam Khan, Iram Rashid 100-107
Carcass Compound Materials Base on Fluoropolymer for Tissue Engineering in Orthopedics PDF
E. N. Bolbasov, I. A. Khlusov, S. I. Tverdokhlebov 108-112
The Technology Study of Camshaft Treated by Laser Bionic Melting Process in Aqueous Media Cooling PDF
Yu ZHAO, Dong-xue SONG, Lu-quan REN, Li CHEN 113-119
Bionic Design of the Surface Morphology of Rubber Bush Covered on Driving Drums PDF
Lin-jing XIAO, Xi-jing WANG, Quan LI 120-127
Evaluation of Cardiovascular Stress Reaction Using HPCD Method on a Beat-by-beat Basis PDF
Mitsuhiro Ogawa, Masamichi Nogawa, Takehiro Yamakoshi, Shinobu Tanaka, Ken-Ichi Yamakoshi 128-132
Development of a Distribution System for Measuring Nozzle Integrative Parameters PDF
Xin-yu XUE, Jian LIANG, Ping-zeng LIU, Yu-bin LAN 133-138
A Biomimetic Smart Control of Viscous Drag Reduction PDF
X. F. ZHENG, Y.Y. YAN 139-151
Numerical Characterization of Surface Structures of Slippery Zone in Nepenthes Alata Pitchers and its Mechanism of Reducing Locust’s Attachment PDF
Li-xin WANG, Qiang ZHOU 152-160
The Research of Biology Coupling Characteristics on the Shells of Haliotis discus hannai Ino PDF
Xiu-juan LI, LIANG Yun-hong, Xi-mei TIAN, Lu-quan REN, Guang-lin LU 161-169
Study on the Application of Biological Tactile in Fast Meat Freshness Detection PDF
Yue-ying TONG, Dong-hui CHEN, Zhi-biao SHI, Li LEI, Jin TONG 170-176
Visual Reconstruction and Feature Analysis of the Three-Dimensional Surface of Earthworm PDF
Yin-wu LI, Guang-sheng ZHAO, Jing-chun WANG, Xiu-wen SUN, Hua-xin PENG, Fa-xiang QIN 177-184
Rapid Detection of E. coli on Goat Meat by Electronic Nose PDF
Ning-ye DING, Yu-bin LAN, Xian-zhe ZHENG 185-191
The Study of Owl's Silent Flight and Noise Reduction on Fan Vane with Bionic Structure PDF
Gui-qiang LIANG, Jing-chun WANG, Yu CHEN, Chang-hai ZHOU, Jie LIANG, Lu-quan REN 192-198
Propulsion experimental Research on the Structure of Swordfish’s Lunate Caudal Fin PDF
Qing-ping LIU, Lu-quan REN, Kun CHEN, Geng-hua LIAO, Ying YANG, Jian-qiao LI, Zhi-wu HAN 199-205
Development of Bionic Air Cooler Used in High Temperature Coal Mine PDF
De-jun MIAO, Xiu-hua SUI, Lin-jing XIAO, Zheng-mao FENG 206-212
Abrasive Wear of Geometrical Surface Structures of Scapharca Subcrenata and Burnt-end Ark Against Soil PDF
Rui ZHANG, Zhi-li LU, Jian-qiao LI 213-217
Mechanical Character of Typica1 Plant Leaf Surfaces PDF
Shu-jie WANG, Lu-quan REN, Yan LIU, Yue YANG 218-224
Micro-tensile Testing of the Lightweight Laminated Structures of Beetle Elytra Cuticle PDF
Ji-yu SUN, Jin TONG, Dong-hui CHEN, Jian-bin LIN, Xian-ping LIU, Yue-ming WANG 225-234
Study on Drag Reduction Characteristic Around Bodies of Revolution with Bionic Non-smooth Surface PDF
L. M. TIAN, L.Q. REN, X. JIANG, J.N. ZHAO, S.C. ZHANG, S.W. YU 235-243
Numerical Simulation And Aerodynamic Performance Comparison Between Seagull Aerofoil and NACA 4412 Aerofoil under Low-Reynolds PDF
Xin HUA, Rui GU, Jing-fu JIN, Yi-rong LIU, Yi MA, Qian CONG, Ying ZHENG 244-250
The Insect Fascicle Morphology Research and Bionic Needle Pierced Mechanical Mechanism Analysis PDF
Xin QI, Ying-chun QI, Yan LI, Qian CONG 251-257
Biomechanics Characteristics of New Type Artificial Hip Joint PDF
Hai-bo JIANG, Hong-tao LIU, Shu-yang HAN, Fen LIU 258-262
Coupling Characteristics of Anterior Cruciate Ligament and Gait Analysis on Anterior Instability of Knee PDF
Zeng-yu TAO, Lu-quan REN, Li-mei TIAN, Dan-yang ZHOU, Jing-bin ZHOU 263-269
Reducible Property of a Finitely Generated Module PDF
Li-jiang ZENG 270-276
Modeling and Hydrodynamic Characteristics of Bionic Undulate Fin Propeller Driven by Hydraulic PDF
Hai-jun XU, Cun-yun PAN, Xiao-jun XU, Han ZHOU 277-284
The Effects of Force on the Structure Deformation of Wing for Flapping-wing PDF
Ya-feng ZHANG, Wen-ping SONG, Bi-feng SONG, Yu-bin LI 285-290
Light Harvesting Mechanism of Photosystem II in Photosynthesis: PDF
Tong ZHANG, Wen-jian WU, Bi-ru HU, Ya-hui MAN, Zhi-ming LIU 291-298
Preparation and Properties of Fe3O4 Biomimetic Micro-nano Structure Coatings PDF
Xiao-zhou TIAN, Jian-fang WANG, Si-wen QIAN, Wen-jian WU, Xu GANG 299-305
Cryptochrome Magnetoreception Mechanism Indicates a New Kind of Magnetometer PDF
Xian-li DU, Xiao-jie WANG, Wen-jian WU 306-316
Influence of the Optical Multi-Film Thickness on the Saturation of the Structural Color Displayed PDF
Xi LI, Yi LIU, Jia-wen LI, Wen-hao HUANG 317-323
Optimize by Experimental Optimization Techniques on the Structure of Corrugated Bionic Needle PDF
Yan LI, Xin QI, Qian CONG 324-329
Fabrication and Dielectric Properties of Soft-core Helical Particles Using Spirulina Platensis as Templates PDF
Jun CAI, De-yuan ZHANG 93-99
Analysis of the Aerodynamic Character of Bionic Wingspan on the Basis of Frigate Wing Structure PDF
Yi MA, Yu-rong LIU, Jing-fu JIN, Qian CONG 330-337
Primary Research on Bionic Design of Multi-surface Solar Concentrator Based on the Flower Structure PDF
Xiao-di XUE, Hong-fei ZHENG, Tao TAO, Guo XIE 338-347


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