Methods of Realizing Equal Pay for Equal Work for Temporary Employees in China

Chunling ZUO


It is significant and complex to solve the problem of unequal pay for equal work between the temporary workers and the reference employees. The paper believes decision of temporary workers’ remuneration involves in labor pricing and internal human capital pricing in employment service agency. Comparing with the internal human capital pricing subordinating to micro human resource management, labor pricing is subject to market mechanism with bargaining or tendering and bidding as main price formation mechanisms. The paper explores the feasible approaches to pay temporary workers more equally in the case of bargaining or tendering and bidding and make suggestions for raising centralization degree and specialization degree of employment service agencies and giving more preferential policies to temporary workers.

Key words: Unequal pay for equal work; Temporary workers; Labor pricing; Bargaining mechanism; Tendering and bidding mechanism


Unequal pay for equal work; Temporary workers; Labor pricing; Bargaining mechanism; Tendering and bidding mechanism

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