The Practical Problems and Progress of Western Mainstream Sex Education Models

Yun LEI, Lin HUANG, Demin LIU


Abstract: The contemporary western mainstream sex education models are “Abstinence -Only Sex Education” and “Comprehensive Sex Education”. Reflection of the two models’ practices in China reveals that Abstinence-Only Sex Education, by means of “moral bundling”, tend to employ the old morality to repress adolescents’ sexuality; Comprehensive Sex Education is inclined to the “sexual abetting” with indulgment in the teaching and adjustment of sexual knowledge and sexual psychology. To solve the practical difficulties between the two models, it is necessary to establish a new sex education model based on the morality which integrates the advantages of the two models.
Key words: Sex Education Models; Moral Bundling; Sexual Abetting; Morality


Sex Education Models; Moral Bundling; Sexual Abetting; Morality

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