Students’ Common Writing Problems & Practices at King Abdulaziz University: An Inquiry to Move a Writing Center From Conception Towards Conceptualization

Khalid Mohammed Abalhassan


This study reports the results of a quantitative investigation of the most shared writing problems and practices King Abdulaziz University (KAU) students have in common, the students’ attitudes towards the teaching of basic writing and research methods, their readiness and attitude towards the kinds of activities writing centers usually have, and their self-perceptions with regards to writing skills. The study also attempts to shed some light on how the student service centers (SSC) affect students’ self-reliance and their academic achievement. The study also examines the feasibility of using the concept of writing center at King Abdulaziz. Findings of the questionnaire to which 543 subjects have responded rendered indications that a history of seeking help from SSCs exists among students, who also pointed out the need for professional academic help to be provided on campus, and the determination to use such services if conceptualized. The study also found that a US model of WCs is feasible and reliable to adopt. A number of recommendations conclude the


King Abdulaziz University, Writing Centers, term-papers, Saudi Arabia, Student Service Centers, File-sharing, Plagiarism, Copyrights, Starting a writing center, IWCA, Tutoring, writing.

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