The Harmonious Fusion of Literary Spirit and Religious Feelings of Jane Eyre

Lijuan ZENG


Charlotte Bronte is an author who has a deep religion feelings. Jane Eyre, Rochester, Helen, most characters she shaped in her novel all contain Christian ethics thought -- Charity is the bond of perfectness. And also express the salvation feelings of humanistic restoration and her concept of love -- unite soul and body, be equal and loyal. She reasoningly judged the religious behavior of characters in that era from humanistic and harmonious perspective. Bronte paid attention to perplexity and confusion in reality, fused endurance, toleration and forgiveness of love into the mind activity of characters, she was humanism and amicable. The harmonious fusion of literary spirit and religion feelings makes Jane Eyre have a unique aesthetic power.


Bronte; Jane Eyre; Rochester; Literary spirit; religion feelings.勃朗特;简•爱;罗切斯特;文学精神;宗教情怀

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