Vol 7, No 3 (2014)

Higher Education of Social Science

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fi325

Higher Education of Social Science, Vol.7, No.3, November 30, 2014

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Table of Contents


Practice and Reflection on High-Level Personnel Training and Introduction: A Case Study of Changchun University of Science & Technology PDF
Yuzheng HAN, Boyu WANG
D2L Learning Management System in America: It’s Character and It’s Inspiration Towards Online Education of China PDF
Alifujiang Haimiti, Shan JIN, Shan JIN, Deqing WANG, Deqing WANG
The Asian History Exposition in the Higher Education Press Version “World History (Modern History Volume)” PDF
Jiang LAN
TU ‘Earth’ in Five-Elements Theory: From the Perspective of Conceptual Metonymies and Metaphors PDF
Zhanming WANG
A New Thought of Sports Law Based on Comparative Analysis PDF
Fajin FENG
Research on the Establishment of Modern Educational Ethics System PDF
The Implementation of the National Professional Standard for K-12 Teachers, 2012 (NPST) at Regional and Local Level in China: A Case Study of Regional Teacher Professional Development Standards Implementation in Qingyang District, Chengdu, China PDF
An Analysis of the Issue of Rural Left-Behind Elderly From the Perspective of Sociology PDF
Guanchen SHEN, Shijie SHEN
Characteristics of “Taoism” and Its Enlightenment on Regimen PDF
Pengying ZOU, Yuhui YANG
Research of Micro-Courses Construction Based on Knowledge Map PDF
Xiongjun ZHOU, Yuting DAI
Studies on Kuomintang’s Propaganda of New Equal Treaties During the Anti-Japanese War PDF
Ecological Criticism of Historical Materialism PDF
Yanlin CHEN, Daojin SUN Daojin
A Study on the Status Quo and the Prospect of the Development of Exchange Program: Based on Cases Between GDUFS and Latin American Universities PDF
Jing LIN
Study on the Path to Cultivate Interdisciplinary Talents of Law in Universities of Science and Technology PDF
Lingzhu ZHANG
A Study on Process Orientation-Based Curriculum Development for Entrepreneurship Education in Vocational Colleges PDF
Jianhua TAN
Disciplinary Construction and Changing Demand for Talents: The Development Trajectory of the Public Finance in the USA and Japan PDF
Jing XIAO, Aiwei ZHANG
Five Dimensions on Supporting College Students With Employment Difficulties PDF
Hongjie ZHANG
On Ideological and Political Education Under the Visual Threshold of Chinese Dream PDF
shaobin WANG
The Value Pursuit of the Theoretical System of Socialism With Chinese Characteristics: Serving the People – Taking Deng Xiaoping Thought of Serving the People as an Example PDF (简体中文)
Bin TANG, Junjun XUE
Challenges of Preschool Education Development in Chinese Poverty Counties: Stakeholders’ Perspective PDF
Kongchao HE, Xiaoping YANG
Teaching Strategy of CET-4 Writing Based on Second Language Acquisition Theory PDF
Qixiu QIN
Review of Researches on the Impact of Professional Title Policy Changes on the Academic Development of University Teachers PDF
Feifei WANG, Yanqiang CUI
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Based on Learning Experiences and Rewards of College Students: An Investigation From Guangxi, China PDF
Xiaohong LI, Yanyang ZHENG
Study on the Establishment of Balanced Development Model of Primary and Secondary Education PDF Untitled
Benyou CHEN
Religious Factor in Civilization Conflicts: The Religious National Character as Breakthrough Point PDF
Mengting TANG
Calligraphy and Culture Cultivation PDF
Changchun HU
Common Traps and Coping Strategies During Job Hunting of College Students PDF
Zhiyan LI
The Analysis of House Demolition Compensation System in China From the Perspective of Administration and Ethics PDF
Qingyan NIU
Problems and Strategies of the Inscriptions of Contemporary Chinese Paintings PDF
Chuxiao TANG
Effective Management of Tertiary Education in Nigeria as a Panacea to Good Governance and National Security PDF
Musibau Adeoye YUSUF, Festus Oluwole Afolabi
The Famous Tea Producing Area Distribution Characteristics and the Forming Reasons in Bashu Region in Tang and the Five Dynasties PDF
Yingqiu PU
On Deng Xiaoping’s Youth Goal Incentive Thought and Its Enlightenment on the Realization of the Chinese Dream PDF
Haoyun DAI
Teaching as Research Teaching as Scholarship PDF
Xiujun OUYANG, Xuefu Xu
The Integration and Cohesion of EGP and ESP PDF
Jing LI
On Chinese Culture Infiltration in English General Education PDF
Yanhong FANG
Analysis of Kant’s “Practical Rational Criticism” PDF
Niansi YANG
A Brief Analysis on the Building of Mental-Health Counselor Team PDF
Jianfei WANG, Ting ZHOU
An Experimental Study of the Influence of Woman’s Studies Courses in College on the Values of Female College Students PDF Untitled
Xueyin LI, Yanyan Yin
Cultivation of “Totaler Menschen”: Meaning Construction of Education of Chinese College Students’ Leadership PDF
Yuan ZOU, Lianyun YI
Researches on China Teachers’ Training Problems and Strategies Based on Situated Learning Theory PDF
Tingzhe LIU, Fang LI


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