Vol 7, No 2 (2014)

Higher Education of Social Science

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fi317

Higher Education of Social Science, Vol.7, No.2, September 30, 2014

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Table of Contents


Feasibility of Strategy Instruction in Teaching Listening Comprehension for High-Proficiency and Low-Proficiency Iranian EFL Learners PDF
Razieh Gholaminejad 1-4
Drama and Society—A New Trend for Arabic Playwrights in Nigeria: Barihi’s Baqaun Muqadarun (Born to Survive) as Paradigm PDF
Abdulganiyi Musa, Abubakar Salisu Abdullahi 5-9
Exploring the Secret of the Ancient Chinese Character’s Development: A Hindsight After Reading The Development of Ancient Chinese Character PDF
Changchun HU, Chao MA 10-14
On Conflicts and Reconciliation Between Judicial Examination and Undergraduate Law Education PDF
Jingxiang SU 15-20
The Countermeasures of Training Interest of Chinese Normal University Students in Learning Public Pedagogy PDF
Fang YIN, Xinlan LI 21-24
Analysis on U.S. Sealift Innovation Pioneer: Chester Nimitz PDF
Chen LIU, Zongtao WANG 25-31
The Media Use of Liuzhou Folk Song Inheritance in China: According to the Investigation in Yufeng Folk Song Field Under Yufeng Mountain in Liuzhou City PDF
Lei HE, Jianghua LUO, Jian HE, Jian HE 32-36
On Value-Added Assessment in Higher Education PDF
Feifei WANG, Yanqiang CUI 37-43
Research on the Quality of Undergraduate Programs of Universities in Chongqing: From the Perspective of Students’ Satisfaction PDF
Xiaoguang YU 44-49
Translating Colloquial Egyptian Arabic Poetry Into English—Challenges of the Register and Metaphors: A Contrastive Study PDF
Bacem Abdullah Essam, Esra’ a Mustafa 50-61
Exploration of Experimental Teaching Reform of Public Finance PDF
Jing XIAO 62-66
Analysis of the Emergency Remedy for Special Events Happened Inside Secondary and Tertiary Campus PDF
Lei JIANG, Kun LIU 67-71
On Roles of Art of Conversation in Student Emotional Education PDF
Kun LIU, JIANG Lei 72-75
Study on Chinese English Learners’ Acquisition of Wh-Movement Constraints PDF
Xinyue ZHANG, Xiaona WU, Yujiao PAN 76-85
A Questionnaire of the Nature of Critical Thinking From the College Teachers in China PDF
Fuyun GENG, Yan SUN 86-90
The Analysis and Possible Solutions on the Problem of Female Undergraduate Students’ Employment Difficulties PDF
Lei JIANG, Jiahui WANG 91-96
Discussion on Beyond of Marx’s Philosophy of Law From the Perspective of the Nature of Law PDF
Zhen LI 97-102
Analysis and Countermeasures on Product Quality Inspection Management in the Quality Management System of Research in Universities PDF
Zhisheng ZHANG 103-107
New Thinking About Computer Science Teaching Reform in Vocational Colleges PDF
Yan GUO 108-112
Historical Contributions of the Communist Party’s Political Guidance for the Great Rear Area During the Anti-Japanese War in China PDF
Fuzhong HONG 113-119
A Research on Methods of Cultivating Non-intelligence Factors in Ideological and Political Education of Higher Education Institutions PDF
Liang CUI, Zhuo zhong 120-124