The Famous Tea Producing Area Distribution Characteristics and the Forming Reasons in Bashu Region in Tang and the Five Dynasties

Yingqiu PU


The Tang Dynasty is a landmark period of Chinese tea industry development. The custom of drinking tea in the Tang Dynasty promoted the development of tea industry, improved tea quality, and generated many famous kinds of tea. The Bashu region is the earliest tea-drinking and tea producing area. In the era of Tang and the Five Dynasties, based on the development of previous dynasties, the tea industry in Bashu region gained full speed growth. The tea producing area expanded, tea quality was improved, and some famous types of Bashu tea represented by Mengding tea appeared. In the period of the Tang and the Five Dynasties, the distribution of famous kinds of tea in Bashu region has its own characteristics and the cultivation of the famous kinds of tea was related to various elements. This paper starts with the introduction of the distribution of the famous tea of Bashu region, and discusses the characteristics and its forming reasons.


Tang and the Five dynasties; Bashu region; Famous tea; Characteristics; Reasons

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