Analysis on U.S. Sealift Innovation Pioneer: Chester Nimitz

Chen LIU, Zongtao WANG


Sealift is not only the essential maritime tactics and techniques for modern navy, but also an important indicator to measure the naval combat capability. In the transformation of modern maritime refueling technology, Nimitz played a greatly important role. Nimitz was more than a famous militarist and strategists. In fact, he was a pioneer in promoting the innovation of marine fuel supply with excellent command capacity and mastery of technology. In 1917, Nimitz originated the riding-abeam fueling method suitable for small warships. During the early period of World War II, he reformed and developed broadside fueling suitable for aircraft carriers and other large warships, which were a leap development with historical significance. The technology of broadside fueling has successfully withstood the test of actual combat in World War II, and proved to be the important guarantee for the United States to win the Pacific war.


Nimitz; Riding-abeam refueling at sea; Broadside refueling; Aircraft carrier refueling; Sealift

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