Special Topic: The Automation of Higher Education

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Is the Internet the springboard which will take universities into a new age, or a threat to their existence? Will dotcom degrees create new opportunities for those previously excluded, or lead them into a digital dead-end? From UCLA to Columbia, digital technologies have brought about rapid and sweeping changes in the life of the university—changes which will have momentous effects in the decade ahead. On-line education is taking the increasing control of the curricula and the intellectual freedom away from teachers. The growth of on-line education can be seen as an "automation of higher education," similar with the effects to the automation of other industries in its impact on workers and work product quality. The process is part of an ongoing commercialization and corporatization of higher education. Rather than new opportunities for students the online university represents new opportunities for investors to profit while shifting the burden of paying for education from the public purse to the individual consumer—who increasingly has to work long hours at poorly-paid jobs in order to afford the privilege. And this transformation of higher education is often brought about through secretive agreements between corporations and universities—including many which rely on public funding.


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