Special Topic: International Higher Education Students: Their Patterns and Motivations


Affiliated research area: International Students, the Purpose of Studying Aboard, Higher Education, Vocational Education and Training


Australia has proven to be a popular destination for Indian students seeking higher education qualifications. In recent years, the influx of Indian students into Australia has shown considerable volatility and so has their enrollment mix between the further, vocational and higher education sectors. An understanding of the motivations and characteristics of potential and current Indian international students along with the changing dynamics of the global higher education sector is important to be able to analysis this volatility and to ensure effective and sustainable marketing of higher education to Indian students. This paper provides a profile of Indian students studying in Australia and provides insight into their course preferences and motivations for choosing Australia. A key finding of this paper is that apart from traditional motivators such as higher rates of returns and employability associated with a foreign qualification, Indian students are very responsive to changes in Australia’s labor market, immigration and student visa policies relative to other international alternatives.


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