Research and Practice on Key Factors of Fracturing Technique in Changqing Zhenbei Tight Thick Layer

Zhengwen YUN, Jianguang WEI, Chunhui WANG, Zhiwen LI


Zhenbei Chang 8 layer is an important evaluation layer of Changqing oilfield. In view of questions as low early fracturing effort, which affects a further exploration and development. Combined with development of volume fracturing recent years. Analyzed the ability of fracturing of reservoir from the research of rock mechanics and optimized important parameters such as displacement of pump and fracturing liquid. Way of fracture distribution was changed and complicated fracture was formed finally. Production tested improved by 2.2 times. Production of single well improved by 1.6 times. Widen the exploration area, guide the development of block, and find an important way to improve production.


Zhenbei oilfield; Tight thick layer; Crushability; Complicate fracture

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