Vol 9, No 2 (2015)

Advances in Petroleum Exploration and Development

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fi346

Advances in Petroleum Exploration and Development, Vol. 9, No. 2, June 30, 2015

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Table of Contents

Contents PDF


An Overview of Methods to Mitigate Condensate Banking in Retrograde Gas Reservoirs PDF
Mahmood Amani, Nguyen T. Nguyen 1-6
The Structure Parameters Optimization of Variable Direction Joint During Extracting Casing in High-Inclination Directional Well PDF
Ai Chi, YU Fahao, FENG Fuping, LÜ Deqing, YU Zhenning 7-12
The Characteristics of the Dominant Flow Channel Using Ma20 Block in the Liaohe Oilfield as an Example PDF
LIU Jiyu, SUN Axiang, MENG Dan 13-18
Analysis on Influential Factors of Well Temperature for Deepwater Drilling PDF
SUN Shihui, YAN Tie, BI Xueliang, YU Guoqing 19-24
Experimental Investigation of Permeability and Fluid Loss Properties of Water Based Mud under High Temperature-High Pressure Conditions PDF
Mahmood Amani, Rommel Yrac, Salem Shehada, Dawood Hjeij, Ahmad Amra, Ahmed Abdul Rauf, Jana Mahfouz 25-33
The Analysis of Hydrates Frozen Blocking in Fire Flooding Exhaust Gas of Heavy Oil PDF
WANG Chunsheng, ZHENG Jie, SUN Yingfan, CHU Huijuan, TIAN Minglei, XU Chang 34-37
Plugging Behavior of Polymer Gel in Fractures by Multi-Slug Injection PDF
ZHANG Bing, Pu Chunsheng, Yu Haoran, Sang Haibo 38-42
Numerical Simulation of Effect of Eccentricity on Annulus Pressure of Aerated Drilling PDF
CHEN Xun, ZHANG Nan, YAN Tie, BI Xueliang, LIU Shanshan, YU Xiaowen 43-46
Experimental Study on Corrosion Mechanism in Guangli Oilfield PDF
ZHANG Lei 47-52
Mechanistic Modeling of Upward Gas-Liquid Flow in Deviated Wells PDF
SUN Shihui, YAN Tie, BI Xueliang, YU Guoqing 53-57
Productivity Prediction Approach of Complex Tight Gas Reservoir in Yingtai Area PDF
LIU Jiyu, WANG Cong, SHAO Shuai, LIU Chengquan 58-63
Evaluating Efficacy of the Separate Layer Water Injection of the Wells by Using Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation Method PDF
ZHAO Chunsen, WANG Guangjie, TAO Bo, ZHONG Ting 64-67
An Analytic Hierarchy Process for Bit Optimization Based on the Fractal Crushing Work Ratio PDF
LIU Shanshan, YAN Tie, BI Xueliang, YU Xiaowen, XU Haisu, ZHANG Yuenan 68-71
Determining Residual Resistance Factor of Weak Gel Through Physical and Numerical Simulation PDF
HAN Shugang, ZHAO Chuanfeng, MA Lei 72-74
Application and Analysis on Sand Control Technique for Unconsolidated Sandstone Formation PDF
SUN Dexu 75-77
Physical Simulation of the Displacement Laws for the Binary Compound Flooding in Offshore Oilfields PDF
NI Ruichong, YANG Erlong, GAO Huijuan, LAN Meili 78-82
Heilongjiang Petroleum & Petrochemical Service Outsourcing Industry Cluster Construction PDF
SUN Xiaochun 83-89
Research on the Reasonable Development Technology Policy of Horizontal Well in Shallow Layer and Super Heavy Oil Reservoir PDF
LIU Yikun, WEN Hua, HAN Shuxiang, CHEN Lingyun 90-97
Investigation of the Factors Influencing Volume Fracturing of Tight Reservoir by Using Numerical Simulation PDF
LIU Zhenyu, ZHU Qianqian, WANG Huzhen, HE Jinbao, LAN Xue 98-102
The Research for Method to Determine Interpretation Standard of Water Flooded Layer at the High Water-Cut Stage PDF
SHENG Caiwen, DONG Wei 103-105
The Research on the Super Heavy Oil Reservoir Characteristics of Du 84 Block in Liaohe Oilfield PDF
Luan Huan 106-110
The Numerical and Experimental Research on Solid-liquid Two-phase Flow Pattern in the PID PDF
XING Xueyang, XU Yiji 111-116
The Study Fracture Evolution of Coal and Rock Mass Under Hydraulic Fracturing PDF
WANG Tingting, ZHAO Wanchun, ZHAO Wanchun, FENG Xiaohan, FENG Xiaohan, YAN Yongqiang, YAN Yongqiang 117-120
Numerical Simulation of Flow Field in Spiral Separator PDF
ZHAO Hongyu 121-125
Study On Reinjection Technology of Sewage With SO42+ in Oilfield PDF
ZHANG Dong, WU Wenxiang 126-127


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