Linear Body Measurements and Carcass Characteristics of Rabbits Fed Orange (Citrus sinensis) Waste Meal as Alternative Fibre Source in Diet

A. J. Henry, G. A. William, O. O. Effiong


A study was conducted to assess the effect of orange waste meal as an alternative fibre source on linear body measurements of rabbits. Twenty-four (24) weaned rabbits of cross breed and mixed sexes were used for the study. Experimental animals which weighed between 676.67g to 686.67g were allotted to four dietary treatments in a completely randomized design. Results of the study showed that head length (HL), body length (BL), heart girth (HG), length of hind limb (LHL) and length of fore limb (LFL) differed (p < 0.05) significantly across the dietary treatments. Conversely, ear length (EL) and tail length (TL) did not differ (p > 0.05) statistically between the treatment groups. At the end of the experimental period of ten weeks, rabbits fed diet T4 (endocarp + mesocarp) recorded higher (p < 0.05) live weight values among the treatment groups. Research results revealed that carcass weight, dressing percentage, primal cuts and internal organ weights were not (p > 0.05) influenced by dietary treatments. Therefore, rabbits can effectively utilize orange waste meal as an alternative fibre source without adverse effects on linear body measurements and carcass characteristics.


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