Politeness Principle in Human Communication



In human communication, politeness is very important. It is a key point in enhancing the interpersonal relationship and communication. The Politeness Principle plays an important role in human communication. If people can obey this principle, they can make their expression more tactful; whereas, if people violate the Politeness Principle, they may not make the hearers feel good. This paper will first give an analysis and explanation of the Politeness Principle with some examples. Then it will illustrate the application of the Politeness Principle through the relationship between Politeness Principle and the Cooperative Principle. At last, the paper will elaborate its application in daily life. It aims to prompt people to apply the Politeness Principle in the interaction in order to get a successful communication.


Politeness Principle; Cooperative Principle; Application

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fj.sss.1923018420130403.H405


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