Vol 9, No 1 (2013)

Canadian Social Science

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fi217

Canadian Social Science Vol.9 No.1 February 28, 2013.

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Table of Contents


Terms of Use the Private Version of Protected Works Comparative Study PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Saleem Isaaf Alazab, Ahmed Adnan Al-Nuemat 1-8
Financing Higher Education in Nigeria: The Role of Internally Generated Revenues and How University Managements Can Maximize the Sources PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Luke N. Onuoha 9-14
Research on Enterprises’ Motivation of Entering CUST Science Park PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Bo Meng, Lixia Chen 15-19
A Study of Pragmatic Equivalence in C-E Translation of Public Signs: A Case Study of Xi’an, China PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Li Ge 20-27
Living Through the Boarders of the Illusory Real: The Psychological Interpretation of Joyce’s A Painful Case in the Context of Lacan’s Theories PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Aliye Mohammad Jafari, Fatemeh Pourjafari 28-31
Traditional Practices Influence Student’ Motivation at School and in School Athletics in the Republic of Benin PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Edoh Koffi Pierrot 32-38
Forms of Dishonesty Amongst Academic Staff and the Way Forward PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Ijeoma Aniedi Archibong 39-43
On the Preservation of Cultural Other in Literary Translation: A Case Study of the Translation of Chinese Literary Works PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Dong Xi 44-47
Bank Financial Products Consumers Protection and Legal Suggestions PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Bo Feng 48-52
Infanticide as Instructing Ethics in “Rostam and Sohrab” PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Hassan Shahabi, Marzieh Kouchaki 53-55
Effects of English Phonological Awareness Training on Chinese Child EFL Learners’ Literacy Development PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Bing Sun, Hui Zhou, Bingxia Zhu 56-64
The challenges of corruption and the attainment of vision 20:2020 PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
J. F. Adebisi 65-70
Association Studies of Regional Scientific and Technology Talent Coupled with the High-Tech Industry PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Youli HUANG, Yifang SUN, Qian WANG 71-77
Protocol for Using Mobile Phone Text Messaging to Improve Adherence to Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Hui-Chen Chu, Nai-Ying Ko 78-82
Empirical Reforms on New-CET4 Communicative Listening Test PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Min LEI 83-100
Identity Crisis in Northern Ireland: Evidence from Sheridan’s Some Mother’s Son and George’s The Boxer PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Hussein H. Zeidanin, Abdullah K. Shehabat 101-105
Ethnic Elite Organisation and Political Transitions in Nigeria: Ohanaeze Ndigbo in Perspective PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Chris C. Ojukwu, Felix George O. Nwaorgu 106-115
Principle of the State’s Sovereignty and the Phenomenon of Humanitarian Intervention Under Current International Law PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Ayman Abu Al-Haj 116-134
Modernism and Secularization: Towards a Reconciliation of Religious Freedom and National Security in the Realization of Peace in Nigeria PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Lanre Abass Bolatito 135-146
Enlightenment and Countermeasures: Canada HACCP System and Chinese Food Safety Supervision PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Yu XIONG 147-151
The Relationship Between the West and the Middle East: Recipe for a Better Future PDF Indexed/Included/Archived
Nazmi Al-Shalabi, Raja Al-Khalili, Kifah Umari, Marwan Obeidat 152-157