Vol 10, No 6 (2014)

Cross-Cultural Communication

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2Fi324

Cross-Cultural Communication, Vol.10, No.6, December 31, 2014

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Table of Contents


Examining Teaching Charisma and Its Relation to Student Engagement PDF
Shuhui LIN, Yunchen HUANG 1-8
Consolidation of Cyberjournalism: Progress and Regressions of 20 Years of History PDF
Lizy Navarro Zamora 9-20

What Is Anthropology

V.S. Olkhovsky 21-24
Current Situation, Problems and Future Prospect in Innovative Development of Russian Enterprises PDF
Qi ZHONG, Leontiva Lydia, Chunlan WANG 25-28
“What About Women?”: The Treatment of Women in Mohja Kahf’s the Girl in the Tangerine Scarf PDF
Husni Abumelhim 29-31
Contribution and Defect: Study of International Relations on the Perspective of Feminism PDF
Qingyin KONG, Daojin SUN 32-37
Cultivation and Practice of Socialist Core Values in the Basic Socialist Economic System With Chinese Characteristics PDF
Xiaofei LONG 38-41
On the Evolution and Differentiation of Human Emotional Culture PDF
Jingmei SUN, Xuedong CHEN 42-45
The Philosophy Teaching Assessment System and Its Enlightenments of British Universities PDF
Zhimin TAN, Wenting XU 46-52
The Status of RMB Financial Products of Commercial Banks in China: From the Perspective of Homogeneity PDF
Min SHANG, Lixia YU 53-58
Soul as the Sole Determinant of Human Personality in Plato and Yoruba Traditional Thought PDF
Bosede Adefiola Adebowale 59-67
Exploration of the Cause for the One-Thousand-Year Popularity of the Tang Dynasty Musical Composition, A Parting Tune With a Thrice Repeated Refrain PDF
Leping YANG 68-71
Theoretical Analysis of “Eco-Man” in Sight of Ecological Civilization PDF
Huilan LI, Daojin SUN 72-76
Applying Local Language: Communication on the Road in a Multilingual Society PDF
Adekunbi Eniola Akintola, Joshua Sunday Ayantayo 77-81
Value Analysis of Cheer Leading in College Sport Cultural Construction PDF
Jingya LI 82-85
Literature Review on Changes of Professional Title Policy in Chinese Universities PDF
Feifei WANG 86-90
The Influence of National Culture on Whistle-Blowing: A Cross-Cultural Investigation PDF
Xin LIU 91-95
A Comparative Study of the Metaphorical Thinking in Eastern and Western Educational Writings: Based on a Comparison of Record on the Subject of Education and Great Didactic of Comenius PDF
Yongfei ZHANG 96-100
Primary Health Care, Comprehensive Social Management and Participation PDF
Nelson Ardón Centeno, Andrés Cubillos Novella 101-105
Look Into the Logicality of Changes of Chinese Ink From Evolution of the Function of Chinese Painting PDF
Demei QIN 106-111
Theoretical Analysis and Realistic Way of Religious Dialogue PDF
Lei MA 112-116
Comparative Study on Cultural DNA of Chinese and Western Sketch PDF
Yue QIU 117-120
Current Problems and Countermeasures of Religious Cultural Tourism in Chongqing PDF
Xintong JU 121-125
Current Situation and Countermeasure on the Development of Taoism Health Preserving Culture Undertaking PDF
Pengying ZOU 126-130
A Comparison of Dying for Love Between Oriental and Occidental Drama: Taking Du Liniang and Juliet as Examples PDF
Rui KONG 131-134
Study on the Problem of Community Construction of Northeast Resource-Oriented Cities in the Visual Angle of Field PDF
Yunfei GAO 135-139
Research on Sense of Social Responsibility in China: Looking Back and Looking Forward PDF
Kangni WU 140-147
Regional Culture Expressed in Modern Architecture Design PDF
Xufang LIANG 148-151
The Sociological Marketability of Human Rights Doctrine PDF
Mohammad Husni Abumelhim 152-155
The Progress, Problems and Forsight of Scholarship of Teaching Research in China Since 2000 PDF
Xiaohong LI, Yule JIN, Yang LIU 156-163
Research on Present Situation and Development Countermeasures of Art and Physical Education of Primary and Middle Schools in Sichuan’s Tibetan Area PDF
Chengwei YANG 164-168
Analysis of the Teacher Appointment System in the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology PDF
Man LI 169-176
A Comparison Between the Impact of Rhetorical Argumentation and Narrating Stories as Communicative Tasks on Achieving the Mastery of Fluency and Accuracy PDF
Abderrahim Bouderbane 177-183
Cultivating Intelligent Citizens: The Implication of Dewey’s Intelligence Concept for the Chinese Civic Education PDF
Dongya CHENG, Xiuye GAO 184-189
The Characteristics of the Curriculum in China’s Vocational and Technical Normal University and the Enlightenment From the Abroad PDF
Yu ZHANG 190-194
Impressionistic Music Features in Chinese Piano Works PDF
Qian YU 195-205
Power of Art and Enthusiasm for Inspiration: A Musical Analysis on Debussy’s Firework PDF
Mingchun LI 206-212
The University Library and Reading PDF
Yupeng SUN 213-216
Explore the Research Topics in Researching the Great Rear Area of the Anti-Japanese War in China PDF
Fuzhong HONG 217-224
Individualization: Future of Standardized School Development PDF
Yuan ZOU 225-229
Implementation Deviation and Correction of the Kindergarten Teacher Qualification System in China PDF
Chenchen YANG, Yunyan LIU 230-234
Unity of “Done” and “Undone”: Marxist Ecological Methodology PDF
Xingying YANG, Daojin SUN 235-239
Chasm Between Students and Ideological and Political Workers and Its Countermeasures: A Case Study on the Emerging Social Network Site PDF
Ou XIE, Feng LIU 240-244
Investigation and Analysis of Present Situation and Educational Countermeasures and Cultural Needs of Farmers PDF
Xueyin LI, Sha DU, Mingming ZHOU 245-250
The Verbs Evolution Study on Dwelling Conceptual Field From the Shang Dynasty to the Spring-Autumn & the Warring States Period PDF
Yang ZHANG 251-256
Text Research on Academic Misconduct of Colleges and Universities Students PDF
Liang CHEN, Enlun CHEN 257-261
Ojionu Masquerade: Spirit Incarnate in Performance PDF
L. O. Molinta Enendu 262-265
Traditional Ethics and Social Order: A Study in African Philosophy PDF
Emmanuel J. Udokang 266-270


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