Different Organization Culture

Salwa Al Yalaylah, Manal Al-Shehhi, Amal Al Khateri, Muneera Al Naqbi, Salima Al Oraimi


This paper discusses many important points in any different organization culture, the definition of organization culture and why we need it. Also, it focuses on  Advantage and disadvantage of cultural communication and the way of communication and applying communication theories. It discuss the problem which the employer faced in work place and who they can solve this problems. Researchers collected surveys which related to the different organization culture and dell’s culture places efficiency and competitiveness far above innovation and aesthetic. we do this surveys in many places such as: Al Fujairah Hospital, UAEU (employs and sectaries), Dubai Festival city, Tanmia for development & employer, Khat school, some company in the Abu Dhabi, UAE Red Crescent, SAAED. This paper gives as clear idea about the meaning of organization culture and how you can deal will other people who is from other countries and how can have mixture of themes characteristic by differences and similarities. Also, the kind of problems which managers faced in the firm of multiple cultures and the good way to connect with this employer.


Cultural communication; Multicultural communication; Conflict; UAE mix culture

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968/%25x


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