How Media Covered “Arab Spring” Movement: Comparison Between the American Fox News and the Middle Eastern Al Jazeera

Noura Alalawi


The purpose of the research paper is the comparison of two different Media with strong political power all over the world, i.e. Fox News and Al Jazeera. The comparison will be based via a specific event; more specifically the author will investigate the way each of these media covered the Arab Spring Movement, which was initiated in Tunisia on December 17, 2010. Since this particular study is of a historical type, it will be focused on the timeline of the events and the way each media covered each of those events. In addition, the analysis section of the comparison will be based upon the actual timeline of the Arab Spring. Finally, the whole research body will be supported via the presentation of the historical background of both media, while the events themselves took place. It has to be noted that the coverage of both networks presented in the present study is based on independent sources criticizing the way this broadcasting was actually performed. The findings regarding AL Jazeera were more extensive by the ones of FOX News, always according to the research conducted on the Internet and other academic sources.


Arab media; Fox news; Al Jazeera; Arab spring movement

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