Primary Health Care, Comprehensive Social Management and Participation

Nelson Ardón Centeno, Andrés Cubillos Novella


For many, the implementation of strategies of Primary Health Care (PHC) based on interdisciplinary approaches, constitutes a condition of possibility for undertaking mental health reform proposals for the Americas region. This view of the emphasis that makes the APS in social and state responsibility to uphold the rights of social citizenship, necessary to ensure the complex processes of reform. There are numerous experiences of implementing actions primary mental health care in Latin America, many linked with focused on community mental health programs. This paper makes an analysis of these successful experiences of implementing actions primary mental health care through community experiences that have determined that they are characterized: they had the presence of at least one mental health officer; was no explicit support from national and provincial authorities; was recognized as the focus of psychosocial problems geographic area and a population group; it had specific allocation of human and material resources; had managed to organize a multidisciplinary team; subsisted program where assisted community was well defined; there was a sense of identity and recognition had its problems and claim areas.


Primary health care; Participation; Social management; Mental health; Community mental health; Health

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