The Connotation, Value and Practical Direction of Life-Oriented Labor Education

Yujian LIANG


The life-oriented labor education is the inevitable result of labor education and real-life. In essence, labor education has the characteristics of life, which is mainly manifested in the fact that the goal of labor education pays attention to the needs of life, the content of labor education is related to the practice of life, and the implementation of labor education is based on the field of life. The life-oriented labor education is of great value, which can strengthen the sociality of labor education, highlight the practicality of labor education and create the situational nature of labor education. In order to realize the value of life-oriented labor education, we should promote the mutual transformation of labor education and life, emphasize the implementation of labor education in real-life, implement labor education based on urban and rural life, and strengthen the overall utilization of labor resources.


Labor education; Life-oriented; Education and life

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