Study on the Fine Optimization of Water Injection in SZ Oilfield of Bohai Bay

SUN Guangyi, MA Kuiqian, YANG Jing


Bohai SZ Oilfield has entered into high water cut stage, how to realize the goal of fine optimization of water injection to enhance oil recovery is an important problem for reservoir engineers. Fine optimization of water injection needs ‘inject enough’, ‘inject well’ and ‘inject effectively’. The paper gets relationship between annual oil production rate and annual water production rate of different water cut stages of SZ Oilfield with the life cycle theory and draws the annual water injection rate and annual oil production rate chart to ensure ‘inject enough’, optimizes injection allocation method according to new reservoir research and gets a very good precipitation effect of increasing oil production. The paper also puts forward the method to recognize low effective and ineffective injection circulation to guide the oilfield ‘inject effectively’.
Key words: Fine optimization of water injection; Logistic theory; Prediction of water injection; Injection allocation; Low effective and ineffective injection circulation


Fine optimization of water injection; Logistic theory; Prediction of water injection; Injection allocation; Low effective and ineffective injection circulation


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