Research Progress of High-Frequency Vibration Tools Used in Stuck Pipe Recovery

ZHANG Huizeng, GUAN Zhichuan, HE Hongjun, LI Yongpeng


One challenging and costly operation in drilling and workover job is the recovery of stuck BHAs and other devices, and conventional fishing BHAs are sometimes unsuccessful since the well profile becoming more and more complex. Application of high-frequency vibration tools provides an efficient way to solve this problem, one surface high-frequency vibration tool and two downhole high-frequency vibration tools were introduced, including basic structure, working principle, use method and application results. With the increasing number of extended-reach wells and horizontal wells, demand of fishing job is also increasing, and high-frequency vibration tools have broad prospects for development.
Key words: Vibration tool; Fishing operation; Stuck pipe recovery; Pressure impulse


Vibration tool; Fishing operation; Stuck pipe recovery; Pressure impulse

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