Analysis of Seismic Response Characteristics of Cenozoic Igneous Facies and Hypothesis of Annular Eruption Pattern, Bohai Area-A Case Study

Haojie LIU, Xuefeng ZHOU, Fuqiang LI, Jiuan XIE


Based on the study of the igneous rocks of X structure, Bohai Bay Basin, the seismic response characteristics of the igneous facies in the entire area were described and summarized. Aimed at the special seismic response characteristics of the igneous rock in the study area, based on the three types of traditional eruption patterns, a new type of volcanic eruption pattern, annular eruption pattern, was propose for the first time. Annular eruption pattern meant that the volcanic conduit represented zonal distribution in the plane. The characteristics of annular eruption pattern and its impact on hydrocarbon accumulation were fully demonstrated. Annular eruption pattern was firstly proposed in the study field of igneous rocks, which can effectively guide the analysis of the risk and potential of the oil field.


Seismic response; Igneous facies; Eruption pattern

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