Actinidic Archaea Mediates Biological Transmutation in Human Systems- Experimental Evidence

Ravikumar Kurup, Parameswara Achutha Kurup


Abstract Background: Actinidic archaea has been described in human systems from our laboratory and function as cellular endosymbionts regulating multiple cellular functions. The actinidic archaea is an endosymbiont of the human cell and it is possible that the organism can mediate biological transmutation. The actinidic archaea can exist as nanoarchaea which can undergo magnetite and calcium mineralization. It is possible that magnesium is being transmuted biologically to calcium to produce amounts sufficient for calcium mineralization. Calcified nanoarchaea can produce a systemic immune activation contributing to the diverse pathologies. Methods: Experimental system for demonstrating biological transmutation by archaea was as follows: The basic system contained patient’s serum 0.5 ml + normal serum 0.25 ml + physiological buffered saline + cerium chloride 0.1 mg/ml. To the basic system MgSO4 0.1 mg/ ml was added. The Mg++ and Ca++ were estimated at 0 hour. The remaining portion was incubated for 16 hours at 37 oC for 16 hours. The Mg++ and Ca++ were estimated at the end of 16 hours. The estimation of Mg++ and Ca++ were done by using commercial kits. Cytochrome F420 was estimated flourimetrically (excitation wavelength 420 nm and emission wavelength 520 nm). Results: The results showed that there was a decrease in magnesium and a concomitant increase in calcium in incubated serum samples from normal individuals. The percentage decrease in magnesium was 15.68 to 31.48%. The percentage increase in calcium was 10.43 to 9.79%. There was detection of cytochrome F420 in the system by fluorescence indicating archaeal growth dependent on actinidic cerium. This showed that the actinidic archaea was mediating the biological transmutation of magnesium to calcium. Conclusions: The actinidic archaea can mediate magnesium to calcium transmutation. The transmutation altered calcium-magnesium ratios in the cell can alter synaptic transmission, mitochondrial function, golgi body/ ER function, lysosomal function, immune activation, cell proliferation, insulin resistance and cell death.

Key words: Archaea; Actinides; Calcium; Magnesium; Transmutation


Archaea; Actinides; Calcium; Magnesium; Transmutation



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