The Research and Design of Experimental Prototype in Flapping-Wing Micro-Air-Vehicles

Xiaolei ZHOU, Xiaoyi JIN, Yang XU, Liqiang ZHANG


To get first-hand data of test in flapping wing flight, a Flapping-wing Micro-Air-Vehicles experimental prototype was designed. This test prototype was constructed by using the theory of bionics and Micro-Air-Vehicles (MAV) design. Adopts Size-law to determine the initial design parameters; modal analysis to design the structure of the flapping-wings; hirao tail capacity, static stability to design the spoiler and Four-link theory to design the transmission system. With those theory, the test prototype was realized and can flying in the air. The process of prototype design not only provides a useful reference experience for subsequent design in testing prototype, but also provide an experimental platform for the upcoming wind tunnel experiments.


Flapping-wing aircraft; Experimental prototype; Wing; Spoiler; Transmission system

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