Special Topic: Nonlinear Dynamics

The special topic calls for papers on nonlinear dynamics and such papers will appear inAdvances in Natural Science as a special column.


In recent years, research in nonlinear dynamics has evolved from basic studies related to solitons, integrability and chaos to deeper quests to understand the dynamics of complex real world systems through multivariate data analyses and complex networks. Needless to say, this has added an interdisciplinary flavor to this area of research, with scientists from physics and mathematics striving to understand complex issues involving problems from biology, economics and sociology. In this special topic, we will present papers that reflect the perspectives of this paradigm shift and its related trends in recent times.


In addition to the Review and Original Articles by invited speakers, we are inviting you to submit a relevant research paper on Nonlinear Dynamics for consideration. Papers will be subject to normal peer review and must comply with the Guide for Authors.

To submit papers to the “Nonlinear Dynamics” Special Topic, please go to http://www.cscanada.net. With your submission, please state clearly to the editor that your manuscripts are submitted to the Special Topic Nonlinear Dynamics.


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Related Articles:

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