Special Topic: The Autism Enigma

The special topic calls for papers on the autism enigma and such papers will appear in Advances in Natural Science as a special column.

Affiliated research area: Neuroscience


Everything about autism spectrum disorder conspires to make it hard to understand. It takes diverse forms, from profound communications and behavioral problems to social difficulties coupled with normal language and even precocious talents. The prevalence of autism is rising — by some counts, steeply — but the reasons for that are unclear. Causes of the condition include a complicated mixture of genetic and environmental factors, most unknown. Its roots lie in the development of the human brain, a process that, despite huge leaps in neuroscience, remains mysterious. So as awareness rises and parents clamor for answers.


In addition to the Review and Original Articles by invited speakers, we are inviting you to submit a relevant research paper on the autism enigma for consideration. Papers will be subject to normal peer review and must comply with the Guide for Authors.

To submit papers to the “The Autism Enigma” Special Issue, please go to http://www.cscanada.net. Manuscripts should be submitted by the deadline written above. With your submission, please state clearly to the editor that your manuscripts are submitted to the Special Topic "The Autism Enigma".


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Pat Walsh, Mayada Elsabbagh, Patrick Bolton et al. In search of biomarkers for autism: scientific, social and ethical challenges. Nature Reviews Neuroscience. 2011,12(10):603-12