The Impact of Socio-Cultural Environment on Entrepreneurial Emergence: An Empirical Analysis of Nigeria Society

Masoje Oghenerobaro Mamuzo Akpor-Robaro


The paper presents an analytical and evaluative study of the impact of socio-cultural environment on entrepreneurial emergence. The study uses as reference case, the socio-cultural characteristics of Nigerian society and their role in the emergence of entrepreneurs in Nigeria. A survey research design was adopted and data collected through the instruments of questionnaire and personal interview. The study revealed that the Nigerian socio-cultural characteristics, in some ways, have provided impetus for entrepreneurial emergence among Nigerians, but in some other ways, have enormously hindered the emergence of entrepreneurs. This disproves the general notion that the Nigerian society absolutely does not provide opportunities for entrepreneurial emergence. The paper concludes that, in general, socio-cultural environment significantly impact on entrepreneurial emergence in society. Beyond the negative or adverse socio-economic circumstances of individuals, the culture and value system of a people is a great determinant of the desire and capacity of people becoming entrepreneurs. The paper therefore, recommends that certain traditions and values in society which have remained barriers to people particularly women becoming entrepreneurs must be dropped or modified to pave way for the emergence of entrepreneurs among men and women in Nigeria and other societies.

Key words: Impact; Entrepreneurial emergence; Socio-cultural environment; Value re-engineering and re-orientation


Impact; Entrepreneurial emergence; Socio-cultural environment; Value re-engineering and re-orientation


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