Vol 9, No 1 (2014)

International Business and Management

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968%2FVol.9+No.1%2C+2014

Table of Contents


When Technology and Policy Collide: A Case Study of LTE License in China PDF
SUN Lin 1-7
Risk Periodization: The Spectrogram Monitoring Model of Financial System Risk of China PDF
HUO Zaiqiang, SHU Xiaoling 8-13
Variable Annuities and Embedded Options Valuation: Some Remarks in a Fuzzy Logic Framework PDF
Esposito M., Orlando A. 14-19
Transformational Leadership and Employee Work Attitudes: A Theoretical Model’s Constitution and Analysis PDF
YU Bo 20-26
Analysis of the Formation Mechanism of Competitiveness of Shipbuilding Industry in China PDF
HE Yujing, QIAN Xinhua 27-34
Communities of Practice, Workplace Spirituality, and Knowledge Sharing PDF
Nur Kamariah Abdul Wahid, Norizah Mohd Mustamil 35-43
The Empirical Study Between Economic Growth and Environmental Pollution in China’s Municipalities PDF
DUAN Yali 44-61
The Selection of Payment Terms for the Export-Orientated Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in China: A Comparative Perspective PDF
LI Juan, ZHAO Xiao 62-67
International Trade and Income Distribution in China PDF
JIN Yinglan, ZHAO Xin 68-73
Financial Analysis of Real Estate Enterprises: A Case Study of Vanke PDF
NIE Zhiping 74-78
The Awareness of Employees on Tax Relief Scheme in Ghana PDF
Albert Agyei, Samuel Gyamerah 79-83
A Study on the Decision Making of Internal Recruitments for Enterprise Managers PDF
JIA Zichao 84-88
The Relationship between Gambling and Finance in Macao: Dynamical Analysis of Liberalization of Gambling
LIN Silang 89-96
The Longitudinal Research on the Effectiveness of Organizational Culture PDF
HU Tiantong 97-102
The Financing Role of Factoring in China Context PDF
CHEN Shuzhen, LIANG Liang, ZHAO Zheng 103-110
Soft Power Study on Higher Education Talent Cultivation Mode of International Trade PDF
LI Hui, LIU Yanrong, JIA Xiaowei 111-117
Safety Production Management PDF
BAI Dapeng 118-122
Some Empirical Analysis of Higher Technology and Vocational Students' Dynamic Employment Ability Training PDF
LUO Xiaoguang, TAN Zhouqin 123-127
Antecedents of Corporate Reputation and Customer Citizenship Behavior: Evidence from China PDF
LV Jinfeng, JING Runtian, CAO Qian 128-132
Value Engineering for Flat Bottom Steep Projects: Cost-Control Objects Selection PDF
TAN Jinqiong, TAO Yonghong 133-137
Wavelet Based Assessment of Crop Yield Risk in Multiple Crop Insurance PDF
GU Zheng, LU Yajuan 138-142
Analysis on Voluntary Disclosure of Accounting Information for Listed Companies in China PDF
ZHANG Zirui, ZHANG Jianxun 143-148