Analyses and Discussions of the Blackout in Indian Power Grid

Shuran LIU, Hui DENG, Su GUO


Widespread blackouts of “7.30” and “7.31” occurred in India in 2012. Severe problems in the infrastructure, operation and management in India power grid have come to light after the successive blackouts. The fundamental reason and trigger factors are analyzed in this paper first. Based on the similar characteristics between China power grid and India power grid, in the case of Chinese grid, lessons of preventing blackout of large power grid were discussed by analysis and comparison, mainly on harmonious development and interactive operation of source-grid-load, and construction of wide-area protection system. Suggestions are proposed to improve the security and stability of large power grid with coordinated control system.


Indian power grid; Blackout; Source-grid-load; Interactive operation; Coordinated control; Wide-area protection

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