Study of Mutagenesis on the Strain Producing Cellulase

Junhong LIU, Fumei WANG, Qi ZHAO, Hui CHENG


Cellulose is insoluble in water, dilute acid and dilute alkali at room temperature, which is slowly decomposed under natural conditions. Microbial plays an important role in the degradation of cellulose. This article, taking the strain producing cellulase as the objective, dealed with the effect of mutagenesis on the activity of cellulase. The strain producing cellulase was activated and experienced mutagenesis by ultra violet, then fermentation experiment for enzyme production was carried out, DNS method was taken to calculate the activity of cellulase, hoping to find out optimum conditions for mutagenesis. It came to the conclusion that the activity of cellulase arrived at 107.75µg/mL·min on conditions of UV exposure for 4 min, accompanied by 34,600/mL growth concentration of strain.


Cellulase; Enzyme Activity; Mutagenesis; Strain

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