UV-Visible Spectroscopy Study of Oxidative Degradation of Sunflower Biodiesel

Fernando H. N. Souza, Layane R. de Almeida, Francisco Samuel C. L. Batista, Maria Alexsandra de S. Rios


In this study, three antioxidants (blend (hydrogenated cardanol + 5-n-pentadecyl-2-tert-butylphenol), 5-n-pentadecyl-2-tert-butylphenol and ionol BF200) were evaluated for their potential to reduce the degree of oxidation of sunflower biodiesel under thermal stress condition. Each antioxidant was added at a concentration of 1000 ppm. The oxidative degradation was investigated by UV-visible spectroscopy and iodometry were used to monitor the changes using peroxide values. The results showed that, blend and 5-n-pentadecyl-2-tert-butylphenol possess significant potentiality when compared with ionol BF200. The blend and 5-n-pentadecyl-2-tert-butylphenol reduced the absorbance around 31%. The peroxide value showed that, the formulations: sunflower biodiesel/A2, sunflower biodiesel/A3 and sunflower biodiesel/AC showed better results when compared with sunflower biodiesel without antioxidant.

Keywords: Antioxidants; Peroxide value; Accelerated oxidation test


Keywords: Antioxidants; Peroxide value; Accelerated oxidation test

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.3968/j.est.1923847920110202.112

DOI (PDF): http://dx.doi.org/10.3968/g2089


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