Special Topics: Energy Securities

The special topic calls for papers on Energy Securities and such papers will appear in Energy Science and Technology as a special column.


The onset of policies to reduce carbon emissions in the light of overwhelming evidence of anthropogenic climate change in developed nations has set in train a series of both academic and political debates concerning the ability of economic blocks, nation states and local communities to meet (often rising) energy demands whilst reducing CO2 emissions. Yet analyses of energy security often neglect to critically examine four key aspects that form the central assumptions underlying energy policy making. First, a considerable amount of scholarship has been focused on macro-level and state-led political initiatives that seek to perpetuate existing modes of energy governance, without making reference to the ways in which energy policy can and should be re-scaled to account for more distributed and community-focused networks of production and consumption. Second, scholarship tends to treat ‘demand’ as either a given or something which is treated uncritically, therefore positioning efforts at demand reduction within the narrow confines of existing social norms and practices, without recourse to potential new modes of ‘living and being’ and thus radial social transformations for low carbon futures. Third, the very terms ‘energy’ is often treated as a discrete entity, both isolated from production and consumption practices and the ways in which energy is implicated across both scales and sites of (often non-) energy related processes. Finally, scholarship needs to adopt a more critical framing of energy securitization through exploring the ways in which critical social and political theory can be used to understand decision making and policy formation. This special topic therefore aims to attract papers that critically explore one or more of these themes as a way of setting new agendas for both energy research and the social science of climate change in developed nations.


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Recommended Editor or Reviewer (Name, Affiliation, E-Mail, Research Field et.al.):

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