The Post-Cold War United States: A Looming Stone for this Goliath

O. O. Thompson


Since the end of the cold war, analyst thought that the United States was ready to go into retirement from International troubled waters and sleep with two eyes closed, however this is not to be as the most powerful nation was plunged into another conflict which is fought against an unknown enemy within and outside its shores. While some call these faceless enemies Islamist Militants and International Terrorist, these groups and their appealers prefer to call themselves freedom fighters or Jihadist. The paper examines the aftermath of the Cold War and the various challenges and threat to the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the United States and its allies as well as a solution to the recurring attacks on this Goliath, its satellites, agents, Institutions and Citizens across the globe. The paper uses historical and descriptive method of study. The paper concludes that if this Goliath must survive the threat of a looming Stone, then it must tread softly.


Goliath; Looming stone; Post- cold war; United States

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