The Driving Mechanism of Rural Youth Self-Employment: Innovation or Imitation?

Xianqi ZHANG, Lili ZHANG, Guihua YU, Wei YUAN


“Whether to start a business” and “Which industry to choose” in the entrepreneurial behavior of rural youth will show interesting characteristics of “path dependence”. At the same time, the rural natural environment, financial environment, social environment, policy environment, cultural environment and more other external environment also have an important influence on the entrepreneurial behavior of rural youth. Under the background of the current of times and rural revitalization strategy of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” to further promote the entrepreneurship of rural youth and improve the level of independent entrepreneurship that depends on revealing the growth mechanism of rural youth independent entrepreneurship. Is there “entrepreneurial imitation” in rural youth entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurial imitation through what kind of transmission path to affect independent entrepreneurial decision-making? Do individual heterogeneity and entrepreneurial environment play a moderating effect in imitative entrepreneurship?


Entrepreneurship; Motivation mechanism; Entrepreneurial imitation; Entrepreneurial behavior

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