Delaunay-like Hypersurfaces in Sn+1

Fei-tsen Liang


Abstract: Consider Sn+1 ⊂ R2 × Rnand allow the subgroup O(n) ⊂ O(n + 2) to act on Sn+1 by its action on the last n coordinates. Then one asks for CMC surfaces of Sn+1 that are invariant by the action of O(n). The resulting hypersurfaces are the so-called rotational CMC hypersurfaces of Sn+1 and the Delaunay-like hypersurfaces constructed in [1] are examples of such surfaces with small necksize. The main aim of this paper is to construct Delaunay-like hypersurfaces with slightly larger necksize
Key Words:Euclidean space; Hypersurfaces; Constant mean curvature; Approximate solution


Euclidean space; Hypersurfaces; Constant mean curvature; Approximate solution

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