Research on the Growth of Internet SMEs Based on Entropy Theory

Yang WANG, Lichun TANG


With the rapid development of Internet technology, Internet companies rise rapidly in all areas of the society, and have become a major economic way and also a new economic growth point in the modern era. This heralds the coming of network economy era. It is essential for both managers and investors to evaluate the growth of a listed company. Therefore, academics in China have been giving a lot of attention on the study about the growth of thoseInternet enterprises. First, on the basis of enterprise growth theory and entropy theory, this paper is aimed at recognizing the factors influencing the development of small and medium-sized Internet enterprises by analyzing questionnaires. Then, the concept of entropy is proposed based on the entropy theory. This research provides a new method for growth analysis and also has a far-reaching significance for the development of the Internet SME.


Internet SME; Enterprise growth; growth entropy; The evaluation model of growth entropy

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