The Enlightenment of Student Affairs Management in British Universities on Student Work of Chinese University

Hui YU, Zhongqiu ZHANG


Students affairs is one essential component in the whole talents cultivation in universities, it indeed has the enhancement for universities to shape the morality and cultivation as its fundamental task, and the cultivation for the new generations who carrying on the national revitalization. The students affairs in universities of UK has been developed for such a long period, now it has the framework with clear notions, completed system and highly specialized which plays an important role in its cultivation system. In the process of promoting educational power to enhance the national competitiveness, Chinese universities should emancipate the mind, updates their thought, and based on the new scenario of the society to embrace the positive experience from educational developed countries selectively, to help the high-equality development of students affairs in universities from our country, to cultivate socialist constructors and successors of all-round development of morality, intelligence, physique, art.


British universities; Student affairs management; Talent training

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