Special Topics: Business Analytics

The special topic calls for papers on Business Analytics and such papers will appear in Management Science and Engineering as a special column.


Analytics have been used in business since the time management exercises that were initiated by Frederick Winslow Taylor in the late 19th century. With the recent explosion of big data and Business Intelligence (BI) tools, data is more accessible to business professionals and managers than ever before. Thus there is a big opportunity to make better decisions using that data to drive incremental revenue, decrease cost and loss by building better products, improving customer experience, catching fraud before it happens, improving customer engagement through targeting and customization- all with the power of data.  Latest business intelligence technologies put forward new theories that prove the use of BI on core value-adding processes can directly improve business performance and value creation. More and more companies are now equipping their employees with the know-how of Business Analytics (BA) to drive efficiency in day-to-day decision making. Applications of business analytics extend to nearly all managerial functions in an organization. To encourage further developments in this rapidly growing area of interdisciplinary research, Management Science and Engineering will publish a special topic dedicated to business analytics.



In addition to the Review and Original Articles by invited speakers, we are inviting you to submit a relevant research paper on Business Analytics for consideration. Papers will be subject to normal peer review and must comply with the Guide for Authors.

To submit papers to the “Business Analytics” Special Topic, please go to http://www.cscanada.net. With your submission, please state clearly to the editor that your manuscripts are submitted to the Special Topic Business Analytics.


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