Research of Imitating the Thinking Orbit and Revolutionizing China’s English Education



This essay has done research into some natural rules existing in the human brains ,especially the 0101…rule used as the principle of the computers and existing in the universe .The essay has discussed speech sound and written languge and their relationships with the purpose of choosing the correct orbit to imitae thinking.The essay has concluded that by means of imitating the thinking orbit we can bring about a revolution in studying and teaching English.Finally the essay sincerely suggests that the Chinese governments at all levels collect opinions and wisdom from many Chinese of ideals and integrity, follow the trend of the world languages, assimilate the essence of languages and reject the dross, and adopt the methods of imitating thinking to popularize English among the Chinese people by bringing the united efforts of the country into play.
Key words: natural rules, imitate, thinking orbit, revolutionizing
Résumé: L’essai a recherché quelques regles naturelles existant dans les cerveaux, surtout la 0101…regle existant dans les ordinateurs, les cerveaux humains, et dans l’univers. L’essai s’est concentre sur trios orbites:l’ orbite sonore, l’orbite des caracteres ,et l’orbite du mode de pensee dans les cerveau. L’essai a conclu que etudier et enseigner l’anglais a l’aide de l’orbite de simulation, nous pouvons apporter une revolution dans l’enseignement de l’anglais et promouvoir considerablement la popularisation de l’anglais.
Mots-Clés: regles naturelles, imiter, orbite pensante, revolutionner

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